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50 Most Played Games
01. Totoonic... - 215070
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04. Snowboar... - 122439
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08. Commande... - 9280
09. Sonic Ch... - 7765
10. Teenage ... - 7590
11. Jaws (NE... - 7257
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14. Alien Ho... - 6644
15. Super Ma... - 6115
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17. Super Ma... - 5224
18. Duke Nuk... - 4921
19. Xtreme ... - 4775
20. Crystal ... - 4437
21. Sonic Th... - 4393
22. Super Ma... - 4012
23. Flash Go... - 3993
24. Asteroid... - 3895
25. Lord Of ... - 3892
26. Super Ma... - 3887
27. Hallowee... - 3865
28. RC Pro A... - 3783
29. Pac-Man ... - 3739
30. Rise Of ... - 3731
31. Paper Ai... - 3725
32. Lady Bug... - 3721
33. Zelda2 T... - 3686
34. Roulette - 3633
35. Duke Nuk... - 3584
36. The Ledg... - 3536
37. Ace Blac... - 3498
38. Free Kic... - 3443
39. Whack Yo... - 3379
40. 2D Paint... - 3356
41. 1943 (NE... - 3261
42. Contra (... - 3250
43. Black Ja... - 3233
44. Pepper I... - 3165
45. Adrenali... - 3096
46. 1942 (NE... - 2993
47. Windows ... - 2899
48. Mario Br... - 2860
49. Fleabag ... - 2816
50. Super Ma... - 2786
50 Top Rated Games
01. The Legend O... - 10
02. Super Mario ... - 10
03. Canyon Glide... - 10
04. Bunny Vs. Wo... - 10
05. Whack Your B... - 7
06. Sonic The He... - 7
07. Doom (DOS) - 7
08. Ultimate Mar... - 7
09. Super Mario ... - 7
10. Super Mario ... - 7
11. Teenage Muta... - 7
12. Jaws (NES) - 7
13. RC Pro AM (N... - 7
14. Duke Nukem E... - 7
15. Sonic In Ang... - 7
16. Bubble Bobbl... - 7
17. Sonic Chaos ... - 7
18. Weight Lifti... - 7
19. Windows Expe... - 7
20. Duke Nukem (... - 7
21. Pepper II (C... - 7
22. Contra - 7
23. Paint Activi... - 7
24. Sonica - 7
25. Sonic The He... - 7
26. Mario Castle... - 7
27. Mashi Mario - 7
28. Flash Mario ... - 7
29. Arkanoid - 7
30. Mario Brothe... - 7
31. Alien Homini... - 7
32. The Legend O... - 7
33. Squirrel Gol... - 7
34. Spec Ops - 7
35. Javelin Thro... - 7
36. Super Mario ... - 6
37. Lady Bug (CO... - 6
38. Commander Ke... - 6
39. Pac-Man (A26... - 6
40. Roulette - 6
41. Super Mario ... - 6
42. Halloween Ma... - 6
43. Paper Airpla... - 6
44. The Ledgend ... - 6
45. Black Jack - 6
46. 1943 (NES) - 6
47. 7up Pinb... - 6
48. Crystal Cave... - 6
49. Mario Level ... - 6
50. Mouse Trap (... - 6


Flash Gol Flash Gol

This a cool free-kick and penalty soccer game, in which, according to the wind and other elements, y
Flash Golf Flash Golf

Flash golf is a game similar to the classic mini-golf, with tubes, holes, fans, moving blocks and muYou use your mouse and click a...
Fighter Fighter

Fire balls towards the asteroids floating around match colors and destroy them.
Field Goal Challenge Field Goal Challenge

Power up, aim and kick the rugby ball through the metal posts to score points.
Extreme Racing Extreme Racing

Complete all 10 laps without crashing.
Euro Headers 2004 Euro Headers 2004

Pick a soccer player, bounce multiple balls out of your net to score points.
Extreme Mini Golf Extreme Mini Golf

I can't stop playing this game! its such a good mini golf 'em up! Very addictive.. once you start yo
Electro Air Hockey Electro Air Hockey

Arcade style Air Hockey, 16 characters, special moves and more.
Drop Off Drop Off

Select a trick while sliding down the mountain, then control the spin and flip while you try to landSTEP 1: choose a trick quick t...
Drift Battle Drift Battle

Try and beat the computer in this really cool race game.Left:A Right:S Brake:F Accel:G
Drive And Dodge Drive And Dodge

Drive and dodge away from the other car.
Downhill Adventure Downhill Adventure

Ski downhill on a sled and avoid hitting objects.
Dodge Those Balls! Dodge Those Balls!

How long can you dodge the dodgeballs for? Guide the head around, staying inside the circle, but whe
Dodge Ball Dodge Ball

Game of dodge ball anyone?
Disc Golf Disc Golf

Play a game of disc golf. Your target: hit the flag.Click on the disk, hold and drag to choose the right angle,and power,then...
Darts! Darts!

Just fire as many darts as you like at the bored.Just use your mouse and click and shoot all the dart that you would like to s...
Cricket Challenge Cricket Challenge

Cricket Challenge is a fantastic game that lets you play cricket matches in a 3d environment. ChoosePull: left arrow Square cu...
Crab Volleyball Crab Volleyball

Crabs....playing volleyball? Scientists said it couldn't be done, but here we are. Crab Volleyball.
Copter Copter

Drive the copter for as long as you can without crashing
Cow Fighter Cow Fighter

Play an amazing, 3D boxing game with cows. The grahpics are excellent and so is the action.
Club Tennis Club Tennis

Click on the ball as it comes toward you defeat the girl and get a bonus.
Caravan Caravan

Do you think you can easily park a caravan? Think again and try to do it in the shortest time!
Caravan Racers Caravan Racers

Race your caravan on 4 challenging tracks, Canyon, City, Park and Volcano to take pole position!!
Canyon Glider Canyon Glider

Glide through the hoops in the canyon to get points then try to land without being killed by the biyou start the game by runn...
BV Ball BV Ball

Volleyball type game hit the ball and bounce it over the net.
Brown Cow Curling Brown Cow Curling

Play a match of curling against your friend or the computer, and you've got to get the curling stone
Bullseye Bullseye

Play this classic darts game.
Bowling Master Bowling Master

Power up the meter hold the mouse button down and let go on the green area to bowl a strike.
Bowling Bowling

Here you are. A superb bowling game. Turn your speakers up!Throw the ball when you see the sign. In order to throw the ball p...
Boom Boom Boom Boom

Play Beach vollyball with half naked ladies, woo!One Player Hit: space Left:arrow left Right:arrow right Jump: hold and releas...
Board'n Board'n

Pick your Skate Boarder and grind the streets!OBJECTIVE You are skating through the city to catch up to a friend,watch out for ...
BMX Stunts BMX Stunts

Do as many stunts as you can on our BMX bike!Use the arrow keys to pedal and change direction while airborne. Use the space b...
Blast Billiards Blast Billiards

This is a cool version of the game of Billiards where you've to pocket bombs instead of balls! Use yHOW TO PLAY Position the ...
Beer Golf Beer Golf

A really cool and fun mini golf game.To begin each hole,use your mouse to choose a position within the green tea box,and click...
Beach Tennis Beach Tennis

Lovely ladies playing tennis down the beach.You start the game by serving,simply click the spacebar once to toss the bal up th...
Batting Champ Batting Champ

Get set up and hit a home run to score many points.
Battle Pong Battle Pong

Classic arcade pong action with added fire power.
Bat and Mouse 2 Bat and Mouse 2

Run away from the bat as a mouse pick up the cheese and get the stop timer.
Basketbots Basketbots

7up play basketball !? weird..
Baseball Shoot Baseball Shoot

Pick beginner amateur or professional get ready for the pitch and swing your bat and score points.
Basketball Basketball

See how far you can be away from the goal and dunk.
Baseball Baseball

Have a nice relaxing game of baseball online! Come on baseball fans!You move the mouse around to adjust how the player will hi...
Aski Aski

Move the mouse left and right to guide the skier down the slope.
Aspen Aspen

Ski down the snowy-slopes of Aspen. Mind out for that tree!Move your mouse curser to the right or the left to navigate your s...
Anna Tennis Anna Tennis

Help Anna beat Serenna in a game of Tennis. If you miss her skirt will flip up, and if you win sheYou must use your cross hai...
American Football American Football

1...2...3...HUT! Throw the ball to your chums in Rugby for cissies.Use your left and right arrow keys to control the Quarter ...
Amazing Golf Pro Amazing Golf Pro

Shoot the golf ball with your putter pick up the golden tiles and then hit the hole.
Air Hockey II Air Hockey II

This is a very nice Air Hockey game.
Alpine Skiing Alpine Skiing

Ski downhill collecting stars and avoid being shot by angry ski lift riders!
Air Hockey Air Hockey

You all know how to play this one, inspired by pong!

Ball Air Ball

You've played Kickups, right? Now try and keep all the balls up! Try and keep the multiple sports baThe goal is to keep all t...
Adventure Golf Adventure Golf

Show off your golf skills on this 9 hole mini-golf course.
Adrenaline Challenge Adrenaline Challenge

I am completely addicted to this amazing game! Just try it.

Game Of 3 Halves A Game Of 3 Halves

This is a fantastic rugby game where you have to leg it up the field and score as many points as youYou use your mouse to point th...
110m Hurdles 110m Hurdles

Race against the clock running on the track jumping over hurdles to get into the hall of fame.

Ball Pool 9 Ball Pool

Play a classic game of 9 ball pool against an opponent or the computer. A nicely animated, and relaxCONTROLS 1.)Click on the cue ...
Flash Pong Flash Pong

Classic old game of pong shoot the most points with your paddle and win.
Football Football

A nice little soccer game with nice graphics and game play, play as either the boys or the girls.

Challenge 2 Forest Challenge 2

A challenging mini golf game set in a forest.
Freaky Football Freaky Football

Pick up all the beans for energy and try and dodge the defenders as you head for the end-zone to scoPick up all of the beans for e...
Free Kick Challenge Free Kick Challenge

Hark back to yester-year in this old school challenge. Great game : )Now,you see,the idea of the game is to score as many fre...
Fun Surfing Fun Surfing

Surfs up! Its time to get wet in the surfing game.
Funky Pong Funky Pong

Try and keep the ping pong ball up in the air by hitting it with the bat. Try and keep it inside theMove the pattle under the ball...
Garage Tennis Garage Tennis

Play tennis against your garage door. Dont miss the ball!
Gary Golf Gary Golf

Are you sure that you know how to play golf? test your self here!
Get A Grip Get A Grip

A motorcycle game where you have to pull the oh-so-famous stoppie.After it says three two one you press the right arrow key t...
GMax SkateBoarding GMax SkateBoarding

Skateboard up the half pipe do some crazy tricks and score points to beat the competition.
Golden Arrow Golden Arrow

Score as many points as you can.You use the cross hairs and move them around with your mouse until you have it where you want ...
Golden Arrow 2 Golden Arrow 2

Pull back the arrow on your bow and fire at the target hit the bull's eye for most points.
Golf 2001 Golf 2001

A fun 2D online golf game. Has nice graphics.
Golf Ace Golf Ace

Get as many hole-in-ones as possible.
Gr8 Racing Gr8 Racing

This is a really cool rally game, Post your best laptimes in the forum!
Grand Prix Grand Prix

Race your Formula 1 car, to pole position in this cool new gameLeft arrow moves you left.right arrow moves you right Hold down...
Great Tournament Great Tournament

Aim for the bull's eye and fire your bow and arrow score the highest points to win.
Hack Attack Hack Attack

The object of this game is to knock the golfball-retrieval cart out of action before it can retrieveTo aim just point the arro...
Horse Racin Horse Racin

Challenge the computer over 8 levels of racing.
Hotshots Hotshots

An excellent basketball shooting game. Score 10 or more baskets to advance to the bonus level, and sUse your mouse to move wit...
Hover Havoc Hover Havoc

This is a cool game in which you can play against the computer or your friend. You've to drive a hov
Ice Hockey Ice Hockey

Classic ice hockey game.
Ice Racer Ice Racer

How quickly can you bobsled? Find out here as you guide your sled down the chute!
Iskate Iskate

Strap on your Ice Skating Blades and get into the skating rink to collect all the gifts scattered ar
Island Mini Golf Island Mini Golf

You're on an island, presumably by yourself. What can you do? Play golf! Hit the ball in the hole inInstructions Object:H...
Japanese Baseball Japanese Baseball

A nice Japenese baseball game. This is one of the better online baseball clones.
Javelin Throw Javelin Throw

Run up for the Javelin Throw! and Fire!To move back and forth you use right and left arrow,to shoot you use space.If you hit t...
Jump The Gorge! Jump The Gorge!

Put enough juice in your jump so you successfully jump the gorge and land on the target. Be carefulYou've got ten levels of b...
Keep Ups 2 Keep Ups 2

How long can you keep a soccer ball up in the air?
Keepy Ups Keepy Ups

Keep the ball in the air for as long as possible, try not to drop itThe aim of the game is to score as many points as possible...
Kick Off Kick Off

Cool football game, try and beat the keeper
Kick Ups Kick Ups

A much more challenging version of Keep Ups.
King Ping Pong King Ping Pong

Can you be King of the Ping Pong table? Put your skills to the test against the computer in this claMove the paddle around with yo...
Lawn Bowling Lawn Bowling

Throw the black bowling ball as close to the jack on the green as possible.
League Bowling League Bowling

Bowl a strike hit spare pins with the bowling ball go against computer or another player opponent.
Lord Of The Board Lord Of The Board

A cool snowboarding game where you have to go up and down a ramp, like skaters do. All you have to dUse the left and right arr...
Ma Balls Ma Balls

A true dodgeball game - run around in the sporting arena pushing the bouncing balls.
Mile High Club Mile High Club

Set your angle and power to hit the golf ball from one platform to another and get on the flag platf
Mini Golf Mini Golf

Aim and hit the ball into a hole in one using the mouse on the minigolf course!
Mini Pool Mini Pool

This game is awesome! Play Pool online, great fun.
Mini Pool 2 Mini Pool 2

Take on the clock as you fight to pot all the balls inside the time limit.New adjustable shot power. New challenging levels. ...
Mini Putt Mini Putt

Place your ball on the dark green mat and hit it with a golf club.
Mini Putt 2 Mini Putt 2

Like Mini Putt? You'll love this advanced and high-quality remake.
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